Whatever time of year your new lawn is laid it is essential to make sure that it is watered in well. Even during periods of rain it is a mistake to think that this is enough. If turf is laid during summer months it can be a full time job watering it all in properly. Turf should always be watered with a sprinkler as this ensures even coverage. It is not necessary to water too deeply as the essential thing is to keep the roots themselves wet rather than creating puddles underneath.(One could absolutely soak an area leaving puddles on the top but with the power of a summer sun the roots could be dry within a couple of hours). Excessive single applications also make the lawn spongy and any further foot traffic leaves undesirable impressions that may not come out. Therefore it is better to keep soaking the top as often as necessary, if possible using boards to walk on so as to not mark it.

95% of problems in newly laid lawns are down to lack of water. Lack of attention in these early stages causes long term damage which cannot be rectified. First signs are usually gaps appearing in the turf and by a discolouration usually at the ends or edges of each turf.

watered lawn

big rolls

We have invested in highly specialised equipment to enable us to not only supply, but install ‘Big Roll Turf’ for larger areas that just won’t wait for grass seed to grow!more...

tractor harvesting a large roll of turf