blue tractor carrying rolls of turf

why buy from us?

We are turf growers - not agents. Our product knowledge is second to none.

We are a local company so the product is grown on local soils, this aids it’s ability to take and thrive. Your turf is always harvested daily so it is fresh – we don’t deliver turf on long haul trucks overnight.

We only sell Turf and related products, so our concentration is solely based on this.

Local means our costs are low – the pricing is competitive for this reason, not detrimental to quality!

Customer service is even closer!

landscape plus

By far our highest seller, Landscape plus is a great selection for constructing a usable high quality lawn. more...

Back lawn with a house in the distance


Landscape has the same seed as Landscape Plus, and is grown on the same soil types. However, for one reason or other the turf has not met up to the exacting specification of Landscape Plus, so is offered at a reduced price. more...

Curved Lawn